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Anybody can list a property … It’s what you do when you list it that matters.

Most realtors have a 3 step “List It and Pray” program.  They put a sign in the yard, put it on MLS and pray that someone else sells it.  

 Our approach is different.

We  have created a step by step selling process that will virtually guarantee you two things... your home will actually sell... and with our aggressive 160 steps VIP seller program you could very well end up with more money, than you expected to get with or without an agent.

 We understand that you might be skeptical especially when so many promises from realtors have been broken. That’s why we set ourselves apart from all other agents. We are not just promising great results but we also offer “performance guarantee programs”

And of course, you are never trapped in a contract with our team because we only do a day to day listing agreement that you can cancel at

any time and for any reason, without penalty.  That too goes right into your contract, in writing.

Our experience matters

The truth is that a very high percentage of the homes for sale leave the market unsold.

In my opinion these homeowners have two things in common.  One ,they have tried to do it themselves without having the time and the necessary experience or two,  they have decided to do business with an agent that allowed them to fail and then their listing expired.

Selling a home is a major step and you need to interview and hire the best... an experienced broker that you can trust.

 Call today to learn more about how our Marketing Plan will get you top dollar with a minimum amount of time on market!

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*  Maximum Demand

*  Aggressive Web Marketing

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